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Steve Howke
NW Business Development Representative

316.721.2600 ext. 180

Steve began his credit union career in June 1985 when he went to work as a teller for Whitefish Credit Union. While at Whitefish, Steve had the opportunity to work in almost every department of the credit union, eventually becoming the Chief Financial Officer. Steve was appointed to serve on the Treasure State ALCO in 1996 and was elected to the Board of Directors in 1997, prior to becoming President/CEO of Treasure State Corporate Credit Union in June 2007. In his new position, Steve will be in the field continuing his commitment to serving the needs of the Montana members he knows so well. In 2012, Steve was appointed to serve on the KCCU ALCO. Steve received his BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in finance and management and a minor in Economics from the University of Montana in 1985.

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