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AIM (Asset & Investment Management)
Designed to provide client credit unions with analytics and strategy regarding Asset/Liability Management (ALM) and investing. Quarterly, each credit union is analyzed using state-of-the-art ALM software and presented with results by a KCCU advisor. Periodically, clients are contacted regarding current investment opportunities and have access to advisors with expert-level knowledge of investment strategy. Aside from this, credit unions have access to policy design and review, broker interface, economic forecasts, credit analysis, and customized training and education. Fees for this service are available upon request.

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Check Collection
Deposit your daily cash letter with the processor of your choice and direct the deposit dollars to Kansas Corporate, allowing for elimination of wiring fees for account funding and more efficient reconciliation practices as all information is reported on one statement…your corporate statement.

Our online payment processing system and account management tool, all in one. coreCONNECT couples domestic and international wire transfers, ACH, and international service processing with account balance and transaction history access, report retrieval, currency ordering, and account transfers. All on one platform, secured behind biometric authentication. Safe, secure, streamlined. Connect to Kansas Corporate with coreCONNECT.

coreCONNECT provides an online ACH origination and receipt system for the collection, distribution, and manipulation of ACH transactions for your credit union. What does all that really mean? Added value for your members and you. As your members’ use of the Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment mechanism increases, partnering with Kansas Corporate to provide ACH origination services becomes more important. Besides adding value to your membership by collecting loan payments from their accounts at other financial institutions, the credit union experiences such benefits as streamlined collection processes, reduction of paperwork and fees, and increases in efficiency as coreCONNECT provides for Select Employee Groups to take control of their payroll processing. Product support is unparalleled as Kansas Corporate has an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) on staff, available to answer system questions and general ACH inquiries.

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Kansas Corporate manages multiple relationships with armored carriers and you realize the benefits of those associations. Arrangements are provided for ordering, delivery, and deposit of currency and coin to credit unions statewide eliminating relationships and compensating balances at correspondent financial institutions and allowing for vaulting excess currency during anticipated high-demand times.

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Time saved by having all transactions flow through the daily corporate settlement account coupled with the cost savings of eliminating an account at a local correspondent bank are paramount to the efficiency of this service. Clearings occur daily and are reported monthly to members (or viewed through Corporate Explorer).

(Previously Cash Concentration and Automated Debit Transfer (CNCC/ADT))
Managing excess funds with corporateFUND allows for timely, secure, inexpensive account management. Consolidation of funds into or out of your Kansas Corporate account for daily settlement by use of a telephone and the Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment mechanism eliminates outgoing wire fees and reduces overall operating costs.

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Designating Kansas Corporate as your settlement agent means everything gets accounted for and paid from one account…your corporate daily settlement account. From ACH to Savings Bonds, PATAX transactions to VISA. Separation of specific items from the bulk ACH files you receive and muddle through daily saves time and makes for more efficient reconciliation practices.

Currency & Coin Delivery (via FRB)
Already have a relationship with an armored carrier? Establish settlement with Kansas Corporate and save as all transactions post to your daily settlement account. Place your order with us and we’ll take care of everything but putting it on the truck and dropping it at your credit union.

View the forms for Currency & Coin

CU Business Group
CU Business Group is a CUSO, owned by 7 corporate credit unions including Kansas Corporate, formed for the purpose of assisting credit unions in offering business loan and deposit services.  Through this partnership, credit unions gain access to the expertise, experience and infrastructure needed to align services with the business needs of members.  CU Business Group offers a comprehensive suite of business services in a fully customizable program.  More information is available at www.cubg.org

Click here to receive CUBG program information.

International Services
Taking care of your members’ international service needs. Foreign item collection, foreign travelers’ check and foreign currency provider. Add international wire transfer processing for a comprehensive menu of international services.

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QuickMoney Transfers
Sending money to individuals anywhere in the U.S., as well as government personnel temporarily located outside the U.S., is quick and convenient through Kansas Corporate. In just minutes, QuickMoney Transfers can be initiated and available for pickup at a participating Western Union® agent location.

VISA Card Services
MemServe, a credit union service organization (CUSO), owned and directed by the programs user credit unions, allows credit unions to offer credit card services at minimal costs. Program profits are returned back to program participants in the form of enhanced features or dividends.

Wire Transfer Services
Don’t be burdened by the expense of hiring and training your own wire transfer expert. As wire correspondent for most Kansas Corporate members, our wire transfer expertise is unparalleled. Receive incoming wire transfers and send outgoing credit union or member wire transfers, domestic or international, inexpensively and securely.

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