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AIM (Asset & Investment Management) 90-Day Variable Share/Certificate Accounts
Fixed Rate Term Certificates Corporate Agent Program
Fixed Callable Certificates SimpliCD
Step-Up Callable Certificates Securities Settlement and Safekeeping
Amortizing Certificate Program Security Pricing/Analytics
Floating Rate Asset Program  

Providing a full-menu of investment offerings is but one of the critical initiatives Kansas Corporate practices to ensure members achieve their financial goals.

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AIM (Asset & Investment Management)
Designed to provide client credit unions with analytics and strategy regarding asset liability management (ALM) and investing. Quarterly, each credit union is analyzed using state-of-the-art ALM software and presented with results by a KCCU advisor. Clients are contacted regularly regarding current investment opportunities and have access to advisors with expert-level knowledge of investment strategy. Aside from this, credit unions have access to policy design and review, broker interface, economic forecasts, credit analysis, and customized training and education. Fees for this service are available upon request.

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Fixed Rate Term Certificates
With maturities available from 2 days through 5 years, Fixed Rate Term Certificates guarantee a set rate and maturity date. Interest payment dates are customizable at term, monthly, or semi-annually for certificates 1 year or longer.

Fixed Callable Certificates
A fixed rate certificate, with call options embedded in the structure. These certificate types have a lockout period, during which time the investment cannot be called. After the lockout period expires, the certificate may be called by Kansas Corporate, at designated times throughout the remaining term. These certificates earn a higher return than the Fixed Rate Term Certificates due to the uncertainty as to when the certificate will be called.

Step-Up Callable Certificates
These investment types allow investors to attain an increase in interest as the rate automatically steps up to a higher level at designated times within the life of the certificate. However, these certificates, similar to Fixed Callable Certificates, are embedded with call options and may be redeemed early by Kansas Corporate based on a predetermined schedule.

Amortizing Certificate Program (ACP)
The ACP investment couples a stated final maturity with monthly principal payments after an initial lockout period. The amount of principal received is based on the prepayment speeds of an outside pool of mortgage loans. The prepayment speeds of this mortgage pool of loans is variable, therefore, the principal payments can change on a monthly basis. An ACP investment is purchased at par and can yield approximately 100-150 basis points higher than fixed and callable certificates and securities.

Floating Rate Asset Program (FRAP)
These investments offer maturities ranging from 6-months to 5 years coupled with a floating rate, making the instrument responsive to market interest rate fluctuations. A safe, flexible investment most commonly tied to the Fed Fund Effective or 1-month LIBOR.

90-Day Variable Share/Certificate Accounts
An investment that allows the purchaser to either mature the investment 90 days after purchase or hold the investment and opt to give notice and mature the investment 90 days after notice has been given. Interest rates can reset daily on both account offerings.

Corporate Agent Program
Kansas Corporate and CU Investment Solutions, LLC. (ISI) have partnered to offer brokerage services to credit unions. Through this Corporate Agent Program, credit unions have exposure to more inventories, highly competitive pricing and excellent trade execution. Credit unions can buy and sell all permissible securities, including New Issue Agencies, Secondary Bullet and Callable Agencies, Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMOs) and Corporate Bonds. Contact Walter Thompson, Brady McLeod, or John Hageman, registered representatives, to open an account today.

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An innovative custodial Certificate of Deposit (CD) Investment Program, allowing credit unions access to great CD rates with quality financial institutions. SimpliCD eases the accounting burden of investing in bank and S&L CDís as Kansas Corporate handles the back office processing. All this and safeguards that no more than the federally insured amount is invested at any single institution. Access to great rates with less hassle, SimpliCD!

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Securities Settlement and Safekeeping
Kansas Corporate allows for safe, cost effective settlement and safekeeping of our member credit unions security holdings. All types of securities are eligible for safekeeping, regardless of amount or maturity. All security settlements are processed on a delivery vs. payment (DVP) method to assure the member credit union retains possession of the security or their funds at all times. Participation in the program grants credit unions access to the Reverse Repurchase Program allowing users to borrow funds against their securities held in safekeeping, while maintaining ownership of said securities.

Security Pricing/Analytics
Easy to read monthly reports with current market values for all credit union securities holdings are provided to members using this service. Prices are provided by a leading national pricing firm who does not buy or sell securities or advise customers as to which securities they should buy or sell. Quarterly, Kansas Corporate can also provide security analytics for your credit union as it relates to Regulation 703. This includes analyzing the effect of rate shock testing on net capital as is currently required for many credit unions.

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